• Nicole Morrison

Why should entrepreneurs bring their innovative start-up businesses to Bermuda?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Any entrepreneur that aspires to start a business from the ground up and grow it into a profitable operation; knows that this could be a satisfying yet overwhelming experience, especially when looking for funding. While a successful business model is essential for entrepreneurs, one of the most vital things an organization requires to prosper is capital and support. That is where Bermuda's InnoFund venture capital firm comes in.

InnoFund is a non-profit firm and incubator located on the tropical island of Bermuda, dedicated to fund and support entrepreneurs and business owners' innovative ideas by facilitating the formation and growth of their business through training, development programs, mentorships, industry and customer connections. Through their partnership with Bermuda's government and Ryerson DMZ — a world leader incubator for tech entrepreneurs worldwide, which has incubated 400 companies in the past seven years. InnoFund can provide their clients with exclusive access to a curated roster of funding opportunities, regular investor meetups, workshops and one-on-ones with VCs, as well as business-friendly jurisdictions, tax benefits and a beautiful tropical lifestyle.

InnoFund aims to provide the support and resources needed to consolidate successful business ideas and projects that are financially sustainable, autonomous and competitively advantageous. At the same time, creating a global offshore venture capital market to contribute to the well-being of Bermuda's social and economic development in addition to connecting communities and enabling innovation through powerful relationships.

Also, InnoFund's location is enough reason for a startup business. Not only is Bermuda an attractive country, Bermuda is also geographically conveniently positioned to enjoy the economic, political and cultural ties of its international trade partners, such as the US, Canada, UK and Asia. Their Atlantic Standard Time Zone also makes this Island suitable for business that supply to global markets. Bermudas is also known for its transparent reputation and its tax-neutral jurisdiction. Bermuda has a consumption-based tax system that imposes payroll tax, import taxes, social security, and custom duties on goods and services, which accounts the majority of Bermuda's tax revenues to finance government spending. Bermuda's government is also constantly trying to ensure that their legislations are relevant and fit to ensure compliance with international standards and maintain their competitive advantage.

Bermuda's lifestyle is also ideal for entrepreneurs and startup businesses. Besides its beautiful scenery, warm and blue skies, and welcoming culture, Bermuda has one of the highest standards of living in the world, with excellent education, world-class talent, services and access to first-rate healthcare.

So if you're not yet convinced as to why you should startup with business with InnoFun, visit for more information.

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