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Reverse Pitch

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Insurance companies have a compelling opportunity to partner with startups in InsurTech and adjacent industries (e.g., climate, cyber, health) in order to remain as competitive as possible

Insurance sector is facing new challenges and opportunities with a variety of emerging risks including:

  • Climate change

  • Cybersecurity

  • Nanotechnology

  • GMOs

  • Pandemic risk

  • Driverless cars

Unprecedented technological advancements can mitigate and solve for these risks, including:

• Predictive analytics
• AI, ML and NLP
• Sensor
• Satellite imagery
• Blockchain

Ripe opportunity for the Insurance sector to draw on its strong track record of driving stability & innovation and partner with high- caliber, enterprise- ready, compliant startups in order to tackle these emerging risks and other challenges

Bermuda has never been more tech-friendly and provides an ideal ecosystem to attract top global tech talent that can solve Insurance companies’ challenges

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Leading, global risk capital with deep Insurnace market that has a history of driving innovation & market responsiveness

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Welcoming of global talent with initiatives such as digital nomad passports and a government concierge service to help startups set-up, and expand into Bermuda

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Strong government support of FinTech and InsurTech e.g., • DABA (Digital Asset Business Act) • BMA’s regulatory data sandbox

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Reputable jurisdiction with:  World-class regulatory structure  IP protection
Tax neutrality
Advanced infrastructure

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Proximity to North America & Europe with access and ties into leading tech hubs e.g,  New York Hartford  Boston
Toronto  London

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Atlantic X Startup Partnership Types


Bermuda Ecosystem

You can play an instrumental role

in evolving Bermuda’s innovation

ecosystem, attracting and

retaining top global talent while

creating more jobs and funding.

Employee Engagement


You can meaningfully develop top emerging leaders within your company & engage your broader employee base.

Brand Recognition


You can bolster your brand recognition with leading tech startups and investors through PR, thought leadership and speaking opportunities at leading conferences.

Innovation Rating


You can position your organization for a favorable AM Best innovation rating by fulfilling many requirements.

Regulatory Support


You can build on your existing relationship with the BMA by taking advantage of their cutting-edge regulatory sandbox and other tech-friendly resources.

Peer Network


You can meaningfully collaborate with fellow Insurance CEOs and executives to use the reverse pitch model to solve precompetitive industry challenges