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Bermuda's first-class incubator program has arrived.

Looking to grow your startup in an environment where you can create transformative technologies, receive valuable advice from mentors, and establish profitable business connections in the Global market? Bermuda’s newest startup incubator has got it all - and more.

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About the program

i3 is partnering with the DMZ, the world's leader incubator to provide our entrepreneurs access to a first-class incubator program. This program will be based in Bermuda and will allow entrepreneurs to participate in virtual programs offered by the DMZ alongside founder colleagues.

What's included with  i3 Bermuda?

Join Bermuda’s intimate community of global tech leaders. Our Innovation Incubator provides exclusive access to:

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Investor relation support & access to our investor network

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Community access to a network of like-minded peers & alumni 

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Mentorship & introductions to potential customers

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Access to brand building expertise & marketing/ sales support

Your Challenges

As a new or existing i3 incubator member, this is how you can show interest in learning more about the Bermuda Immersion program!

Validating your business model and pricing strategy

Determining your go-to market plan

Acquiring marquee customers

Preparing for the next round of funding

Gaining brand awareness and media exposure

What we look for


A forward thinking business that uses innovative technology to satisfy a viable problem

Scalable businesses interested in planting roots in the venture capital haven that is Bermuda


Companies with at least one full time founder committed to the program

A functional MVP


Bermuda's first tech-focused validation & traction program

We support the island’s economic development and job creation by fostering the growth of Bermuda's entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. Through hybrid delivery programming, i3 incubator provides services to startups and foreign entrepreneurs who will benefit from Bermuda’s technology-friendly legal framework.


Our founding partner

More than just a haven for entrepreneurs, The DMZ positively impacts the world by preparing the top tech startups for global expansion, allowing them to foster more made-in-Canada employment innovative technologies that can improve people's lives. Since 2010, the DMZ has helped 476 startups raise over $1 billion and created over 4,100 jobs.