Bermuda's new startup
accelerator program

AtlanticX is a startup accelerator program that creates partnerships between global technology startups and Bermuda-based insurance companies to tackle meaningful challenges on the island and continue to evolve Bermuda into a leading global insurtech hub.

The Argus Group, a multi-line insurance and financial services organization, is the Founding Partner of AtlanticX and Sønr, a leading insurtech scouting and open innovation platform, is the Sourcing Partner of AtlanticX.

Meet Our Founding Partner

The Argus Group is proud to be a Founding Partner of AtlanticX.


Why partner
with AtlanticX?


Our customers have varied physical, financial and mental wellness needs.  We believe in finding innovative and collaborative approaches to address them.  We know that combining the best wellness solutions into our integrated ecosystem can lead to better results for our customers and ecosystem partners.  For example, we know that addressing some of the health care challenges in our markets will require a multi-stakeholder approach.  That is why we were Bermuda’s first major health insurer to acquire local primary care medical practices.  

To fulfill our wellness vision of integrated health care, we recently acquired two medical practices, including a lab, that represent 40% of the primary care physicians in Bermuda. 

We want to continue our innovation journey and are excited to become a founding partner of AtlanticX, a Bermuda-based accelerator program that creates intentional partnerships between insurance companies and insurtech startups. 

"It is a top priority for Argus to discover and co-develop products and services with innovators that share our passion for wellness" 

Introduction to Argus

The Argus Group (Argus) is a Bermuda-headquartered financial services company that has been in business for over 70 years with customers in Bermuda, Malta, Gibraltar, and across the Caribbean.  At our core, we offer health insurance, life insurance, property and casualty insurance, and wealth management products to our customers.  However, if you look closer you will find a purpose-led organization that is passionate about finding customers’ holistic wellness solutions so they can live their healthiest and happiest lives.

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Opportunities for startups
to partner with Argus

We are seeking bold startups to help us create compelling offerings in two critical areas of wellness.

Financial Wellness

At Argus, we define financial wellness as our customers’ ability to live the life they want to live and maximize their financial resources so they and their dependents can achieve security, freedom and enjoyment that is customized to their life stage and spans generations.  We believe financial wellness includes securing financial means, making appropriate investment and insurance protection decisions, adopting healthy financial behaviors, and achieving suitable levels of financial literacy.  We want to create compelling solutions that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

We are looking for solutions that: 



Educate families on financial literacy and equip families and individuals with knowledge to address financial challenges at different life stages. These include financial literacy for children, saving for education, early start retirement planning, handling wealth transfer between generations, and modern estate planning.

Empower customers to better understand their overall wellness (i.e. physical, financial and mental). Ideally, this is done through a data-driven scoring methodology to motivate underlying behavior change.  We are open to gamifying this experience.


The primary care practices together with our core health insurance business, we are becoming a powerful force for physical wellness in Bermuda’s private healthcare system.  Our work is not done, and we intend to significantly enhance the delivery of medical care in our communities.  Our focus is to make healthcare more affordable, more accessible, and more effective for our island communities.  Care delivery has several aspects to it that we would like to enhance, such as the patient experience, the physician experience, delivery of clinical care, the documentation, secure processing and storage of medical records, and back-office processes. 




Medical Practices

We are looking for solutions that:

Create a modern patient portal, with the goal of improving patient/provider interactions. This could be accomplished in many ways including: confidentially increasing patient access to information and patient control over their care journey; empowering the patient through access to their medical records; endorsement of trusted sources; providing transparency and choice of care; prevention and management of health condition services; increasing data protection and privacy. 

Modernize our physical care centers to improve patient experience, increase data privacy and resource coordination, leveraging technologies from other customer-centric industries such as air travel and restaurants.


How we will help start-ups grow their businesses

It is in our DNA to do what we can to help our customers’ businesses thrive and we will apply these principles to our startup partners.  In addition to AtlanticX, we also sponsor Ignite, a local start-up incubator. Argus has a strong track record of supporting Bermuda-based entrepreneurs.  By joining AtlanticX, we are committed to partnering with local and global entrepreneurs. 

Our support comes with direct access to our executive team and our diverse, talented workforce with the commitment to driving intentional, win-win results together. We will help you to navigate the many resources Bermuda has created to support tech entrepreneurs and startups, such as digital nomad passports, a government concierge service that assists startups to set-up and expand and a growing network of angel investors. We’re also happy to show you around Bermuda so you can enjoy our island’s natural beauty while you’re here! 

Meet the Argus Team

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Untitled presentation (1).png

Alison Hill

Chief Executive Officer

The Argus Group

Peter Dunkerley

Chief Financial Officer

The Argus Group

David Simons

Managing Director

Center of Excellence

The Argus Group

Peter Bondi

Project & Innovation Specialist

Center of Excellence

The Argus Group

How to get involved

If you are a startup tackling the above financial wellness or patient experience challenges, we’d love to learn more about you. Please create a free account with our sourcing partner, Sønr, and complete a brief application here:


If you have any questions, please reach out to Devon Sherman,

Managing Partner of AtlanticX, at

Please note interested startups will need to submit an application no later than

August 31st, 2022

Startups who make it through the first round will be invited to meet the Argus Team on October 3 – October 5, 2022

 so please save the date!