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Our Summer 2021 Cohort

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Innovation happens here.

We assist high-potential startups grow, scale and succeed as leading companies within the global tech economy. Entrepreneurs and startups will benefit from a network of partners, investors, talent, and global affiliate programs to support the acceleration of their trajectory.

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Our founders-first model for impact.

We are a community partner with global outreach. Backed by a global network of passionate leaders, we leverage Bermuda’s edge to unite the global tech economy.

Comparable to The DMZ — the world's top university-based startup incubator, we embrace a founders-first philosophy. Our foundational objective includes providing access to coaching, capital, community, and customers.

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Our Portfolio

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i3 Incubator

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Why Bermuda?

Bermuda is uniquely positioned as a financially responsible, tax advantaged, proximity advantaged, and immigration advantaged country for venture capital startups. 

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Regulated & protected

There are strong financial regulations in place so that companies choosing to incubate or accelerate can use Bermuda as a global platform to help settle intellectual property and taxation protection.

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Digital nomad haven

Bermuda's open-door immigration policies allow for teams to come together and build quickly. The digital island provides suitable accommodation and the power of its connectivity enables entrepreneurial growth.

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World class domicile

Companies looking to expand their business from a regional business to a global business can improve their overall tax efficiency in a well-regulated jurisdiction with fair, transparent and effective tax treaties.

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Proximity to North America & Europe

A significant amount of the world’s FinTech businesses are incubated and incorporated in these major financial districts.

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Our partners

We are proud of our strong alliances with companies, programs, governments, investors, and sponsors.

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